What Are French Sea Salt Recipes?

There is an old world charm to the fleur de sel salt crystal that seems to be missing from more modern versions. Fleur de sel is harvested from the coasts of Western Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Its popularity has increased because of its ability to create a wide variety of different dishes. Unlike many commercial varieties, the fleur de sel crystal comes directly from the sea without undergoing any processing or alteration. It is a deceptively flavorful salt with a soft, white or rose colored crystal that shines with the sun.

Most people think that fleur de sel can only be found in France, but it can actually be found all over the world thanks to increased farming and shipping activity during the nineteenth century. Because this sea salt is mined from the very heart of the ocean, it is one of the most concentrated forms available. The concentration of minerals makes it ideal for use in cooking and baking, but it is also widely known as a fine crystal salt suitable for sprinkling on just about any dish you like.

The name fleur de sel actually derives from a historical account that relates the salt to a beautiful queen who was married to a king. The story goes that the king was so impressed by her beauty that he decreed that they be given a special salt together. When the queen was not satisfied with this gift, she cursed the king to always have poor health. The curse backfired when the king died soon after and the poor Queen cursed the nursemaids to keep away from the royal couple. Her guards later found and killed the royal couple’s daughters.

Over the centuries, the fleur de sel salt has been modified a bit to become a crystal white salt with a soft pink tint. However, the salt is generally recognized as fleur de lis, which means “of the sea”. It is used today primarily in the baking and seasoning area of the cooking industry. Many people have their own preferences with the various fleur de sel colors, but the traditional color is still quite popular.

Another interesting aspect of this particular salt is that although it is often called fleur de lis, it is actually a form of quartz that is harvested in the Alps. This type of crystal salt is harvested in the ravines in the South of France. There is a town named Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, where there is a mine that produces about one million tons of this salt every year. The name rande de rassemblere actually comes from a legend that describes how the queen chose to wear a golden sash around her waist rather than a silver one because it matched her dress. Since she had the color grey as her skin tone, the stone that was to be worn around her waist was changed to fleur de lis to match her dress.

Fleur de lis salts are a popular table salt that has gained popularity in the modern world as well. They are ideal for use in cooking, as well as for seasoning specialty foods, such as French sea salt. There is a large variety of different fleur de lis varieties available in various sizes and shapes, so they can match any decor and color scheme that you may be working with. These particular salts come in many different intensities, from light to dark, making them appropriate for use in any kind of cooking situation. Many restaurants in the United States use these salts on their menus, and their popularity continues to grow.

If you want to purchase some but not all of the fleur de lis salts available online, there are some excellent online retailers that will ship to you right to your door. Many of these online companies offer free or low cost shipping to entice new customers. This is especially important if you are shopping for brittany region salt. Because there is such a wide range of variation in quality among suppliers, you may have to order a few different sizes before you find the ones that you want. This method can save quite a bit of money in the long run, especially if you choose a company that offers free shipping.

You can also find local retailers who sell salt only, and may not be able to ship it to your location. In that case, you still have options available. There is no doubt that you will enjoy the delicious taste of fleur de lis salts. Even if you cannot afford to purchase all of the salts you desire, at least you will know that you can easily find affordable options in any size that you need or want.

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