Things to Do in Columbus, Kansas

There are a number of things to do in Columbus, Kansas. Explore the intricate exhibits in the Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park or visit Kansas’ only Smithsonian-affiliated museum. You can even visit the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. Here are some suggestions:

Explore detailed underground exhibits

There are many places in Clark, Kansas to explore detailed underground exhibits. If you’re interested in mining history, the city’s mines may be worth a trip. The city has a mine museum and an underground climbing gym. If you’re into rockhounding, the city has many local clubs where you can learn more about local mining history.

Visit Kansas’ only Smithsonian-affiliated museum

The Cosmosphere in Topeka, Kansas, is one of the state’s only Smithsonian-affiliated museums. If your dad loves space, he’ll love the free admission and buy one get one pass for Father’s Day. It’s home to the world’s largest collection of space artifacts and is a great place to spend a day with him. Over 150,000 people visit the museum every year.

The Cosmosphere began as a planetarium at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in 1962, but has expanded to a 105,000-square-foot facility. It features the largest collection of Russian and US space artifacts outside of Washington, D.C.

The Smithsonian Affiliations program, established in 1996, enables organizations to develop long-term relationships with local museums. These partnerships foster lifelong learning, increase discovery and inspire community involvement. The Smithsonian Affiliations program supports a variety of educational programs throughout the country and around the world.

The Smithsonian Institution is home to more than a dozen world-class museums and gardens, and a zoo. The National Museum of Natural History, the National Zoo, and the National Zoo are three of the most popular Smithsonian museums in the United States.

Visit Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

The Badlands are a unique landscape located in Western Kansas and encompass 330 acres. This park was established by the Kansas Legislature in 2018, and is made up of two large areas, Little Jerusalem and Smoky Valley Ranch. Little Jerusalem is a protected area that is only accessible on guided tours, and visitors should exercise caution when walking across the landscape.

To enter the park, visitors need a Kansas State Parks Passport. They can also purchase a daily vehicle permit, which costs $5.50 for adults and $3.50 for those 65 and older. You can pay at the park office or by using a drop box near the entrance.

Visit Quivira National Wildlife Refuge

A visit to Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Clark, KS is a great way to observe the diversity of wildlife. This 22,000-acre refuge is designated a Wetland of International Importance. Some of the marshes here are salty, as fresh groundwater sits on top of a layer of salt water. This occurs due to upthrusting in the bedrock, which forces salt water to seep into nearby springs and creeks. The marshes are a perfect breeding habitat for rare birds.

The Refuge is open year-round and offers many different visitor opportunities. In the spring and fall, this refuge is home to over 300 species of birds. It also offers great hunting opportunities for upland game and waterfowl. Visitors can also enjoy fishing throughout the year. The refuge also welcomes groups and hosts special events throughout the year.

Visitors can also view some of the migratory birds. The birds that are resident at Quivira include the Tricolored Heron, the Black Rail, and the Laughing Gull. There are also many types of ducks and gulls in the area.

The Quivira Refuge is the largest national wildlife refuge in Kansas. Other national wildlife refuges in the area are the Flint Hills Refuge, the Quivira Refuge, and the Flint Hills Refuge. The Quivira Refuge is the largest in size and is an excellent recreational resource.

This wildlife refuge is a popular destination for nature lovers. It has approximately 150,000 visitors per year and spans 32,100 acres in north-central Oklahoma. Visitors can hike, fish, and explore. There are also many seasonal hunting opportunities.

Visit Harry Conklin Museum

If you’re visiting the area, you should make time to visit the Harry Conklin Museum. This museum is a part of the Mitchell County Historical Society Museum, which is now located in the new Cedar River Recreation and Fine Arts Center in Osage, Iowa. It is a great place to learn about the history of the Conklin family and the products they produced.

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