Making Money Through Conversion AI

Conversion AI is an exceptional top-end AI content writing tool. Artificial intelligence has been a very effective tool for content and brainstorming for many years. It does so with the simple click of a mouse, so you do not need to stress out about typing 95% of the articles you produce! Conversion AI eliminates the tedious task of brainstorming and allows you to get on with actually writing your articles quickly and efficiently. Here’s how conversion ai works:

conversion ai

– Creates articles using a set of pre-defined categories. The writer just needs to enter a topic and the category that best describes the topic. Based on the keyword research, the artificial intelligence system identifies the key phrases used in search engine optimization and niche marketing copy.

– Write a dozen or so articles, each providing new and unique insights into the subject. The writers are asked to be as detailed as possible. Then, they are presented to the sales department. If they meet the requirements of the client, a contract is signed. If not, the writer is free to continue working on it, and the program continues to use their article for conversion.

– Using the Advanced Product Description, the content improver covers all of the most important pains or frustrations experienced by customers in buying the product. The problem areas should be identified, and a list of solutions created. Once again, the writer is free to describe each of the solutions and why they are the best solution. Once the content is ready, the program will automatically use the Google AdWords and create a highly converting PPC ad.

– A great PPC conversion will be dependent on its title. It needs to be catchy and captivating. The best titles come from the writer. After researching and testing, the best headlines will be created and posted. Every time an affiliate clicks the link, the content improver will make a commission. If the affiliate does not click, no commission will be paid.

– Writing a series of sales articles is the best way to use the Advanced Product Description. Since this is the best selling point of the program, the writing process should be flawless. The best writers know how to create a compelling title and can use the Google AdWords to generate the best PPC ads. This is similar to writing an e-book.

– A good PPC conversion will be a combination of writing articles and blog posts. Since the company is offering an all-inclusive solution for a variety of problems, the writers should consider making use of all avenues to write their sales copy. For instance, conversing with existing customers and potential clients are best done through a blog. Writing an informational e-book on the newest product will entice buyers to purchase the product. Professional sales copywriting companies are making use of the latest technology in conversion AI to help writers write compelling sales copy.

– The best advertisement will always come from a video. YouTube is one of the best platforms to advertise any product or service. However, creating an effective video ad will take more time than composing a solid sales article or blog post. Hence, making use of conversion AI to create high converting videos is the best way to market an AI product.

– A good product description is essential if you want your product to sell. If your product doesn’t sell because it lacks a clear sales page, then your effort is wasted. Conversion AI makes use of content improver technology to come up with high converting sales pages. It will not only provide the most relevant information on the product but also come up with an excellent content improver. The content improver is necessary to give readers the idea about what they can expect from the product.

– Once you have high converting sales copy and a good content improves, the next step is to check on conversions. To determine whether a conversion is profitable or not, it is important to look at conversion demographics. Conversion demographics refer to the age, gender, geographic location, and other factors that affect the buying behavior of people. For instance, if you want to sell youth products, you should target students. Conversion demographics will also help you understand the right keywords to use when advertising your product.

– Look for conversion enhancers. Enhancers will boost conversion for you. They are often software products that automatically improve conversion rates. You may consider using conversion enhancers like Google AdWords, Bidvertiser, Media Buy, Clicksor, Chitika, ClixGalore and Yahoo Search Marketing.

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