French Sea Salt Comes in Five Stars Rating (Facts)

French Sea salt is internationally acclaimed by top chefs around the world and is the most expensive natural sea salt available. But with so many other gourmet sea salts on the market, what makes French sea salt such special, and why isn’t it more affordable? So lets take a closer look at it and see if all the rave about French fleur de sel is justified. This sea salt contains a rich blend of calcium carbonate, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, bromide and zinc oxide. This mixture of ingredients produces a highly concentrated mineral that is much more beneficial than table salt.

french sea salt

Why is it more expensive? This is due to the large amount of natural ingredients it contains. Because this type of sea salts is harvested from the sea itself, it is much easier to harvest and process than other types. Because of the higher concentration of minerals it contains, French sea salt tends to be much more expensive than sea salts harvested from lakes or ponds.

But does it last longer? It definitely has a lot more “oomph” than ordinary salts. Its longevity has been proven by experts worldwide. Fleur De Sel is considered by many to be one of the most exquisite sea salts available in the market today. In fact, its unique characteristics are what make it so valuable.

For instance, the French use this particular harvesting method to produce the highest quality fleur de sel. Fleur De Sel is harvested from the ocean floor, where it reaches its highest level of alkalinity. This makes it highly unlikely to come in contact with airborne contaminants which would reduce its effectiveness. Another factor that sets France salts apart from other types is that they are rarely harvested from the same area more than once. As a result, its texture and crystal structure never change, making it ideal for creating various products.

It is also used for curing and preparing a variety of foods with distinctive flavor profiles. It is used to prepare several kinds of salty pastes for example: sea food, cream sauces, cream cheese and even the famous French treat called frites. Frites is made using fleur de sel, which is highly regarded as the most delicate salt on earth. Its name literally means “small sea dog.” This quality contributes to its unrivaled ability to melt cheese and cream with just a touch of a lick.

How do you know if fleur de sel is the best French sea salt harvested in your region? Simple enough. If it is obtained directly from the ocean, it is guaranteed to have high quality. Moreover, you will notice that this type of salt has a distinctive smell. Its distinctive smell comes from the minerals found in fleur de sel.

Many manufacturers are now producing this type of salt, but one of the most popular brands is Baileys. The quality of this brand is backed by years of experience and its superiority lies in its ability to produce fleur de sel and Brittany at the highest standards. It is manufactured in several countries including France, Ireland, Scotland and Jersey. When purchasing Brittany, make sure you are purchasing the purest grade available. Pure Brittany has a golden tone.

The highest quality Brittany available is fleur de sel harvested in the Mediterranean. The product is harvested from volcanic sources, far from the open sea. To make the Brittany’s texture as exquisite as it is to perfection, this salt is blended with potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium all bound together under controlled conditions. This process makes the Brittany’s minerals highly concentrated, which makes it the purest in terms of pure minerals. If you want to purchase this salt, you can visit Baileys online store.

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