Dead Sea Salt And Its Effectiveness Against Psoriasis

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Dead Sea Salt And Its Effectiveness Against Psoriasis

Natural Dead Sea Salt is a superior product that can bring back the natural glow of your skin and hair. This special kind of seawater is perfect for treating your skin and hair like no other. This Dead Sea salt is loaded with minerals, salts, and essential nutrients for better health and beauty. It’s easy and convenient to add this amazing product to your diet. With the right salt, you will be able to enjoy its many benefits and become younger looking. Read on and learn more about the Dead Sea salt and its benefits.

Dead Sea salts have been proven as effective for treating a wide range of conditions. These benefits were known long before, but it took scientists more than a century to fully understand and recognize the power of these minerals. Pure Dead Sea salt contains 10 times more minerals found in the ocean than other sea salts. These minerals are highly beneficial for your body and feet. These minerals found in Dead Sea consist of magnesium, calcium, bromelain, potassium, magnesium-to name a few!

A study conducted at the University of Illinois has shown that these pure dead sea salts can help slow the aging process in our body. The same study also revealed that these salts can fight against the occurrence of heart diseases and strokes. Other minerals found in these salts can treat and prevent common rheumatic and inflammatory diseases, which include allergies, asthma, arthritis, digestive problems, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, stomach disorders, sinusitis, swelling and bruising, throat inflammation, and vision problems.

A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin revealed that this pure dead sea salt contains an antibiotic that can kill every single germ known to man. In fact, the scientists discovered that this type of salt can kill more than one hundred thousand types of bacteria in just one month! And the best thing about this is that this medicinal property of the mineral is not only present in the tiny marine organism but is also transferred to its human counterparts. In fact, this amazing discovery was made by a medical researcher named Dr. Carlos Alzate, who is currently working at the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota.

Another research was conducted at the University of Reading in the UK. A team of researchers headed by Dr. Robin Cave came up with an interesting correlation between the mineral content of the dead sea and the immune system of humans. They found that those who took more than twenty milligrams of the salt per day were less likely to contract a deadly virus like HIV. The scientists believe that the mineral in the Dead Sea bath salts stimulates the activity of white blood cells known as T-cells, which subsequently results to the inhibiting of HIV virus in the blood.

There are several other benefits linked with these minerals. For instance, people suffering from psoriasis have been known to lessen their symptoms with regular applications of this salt. The use of these sea salts for skin enhancement is not new; in fact, it has already been used for centuries. Although there is no concrete evidence or supporting facts to support such claims, many civilizations across the globe believed that these salts enhanced skin quality and appearance. Another major benefit of these salts is that they help alleviate the negative effects of aging. Their mineral contents help slow down the skin cells’ decay, as well as rejuvenating and tighten the skin.

Furthermore, some studies have shown that dead sea salt can cure psoriasis, even when taken internally. Psoriasis is an incurable disease characterized by dry, thick, red skin that feels uncomfortable to the touch. It is actually the result of a build up of dead skin cells along the skin’s outer layer. Scientists say that magnesium, sulfur, calcium and potassium play a crucial role in keeping the skin moisturized, while sodium is important in maintaining the skin’s resistance against bacterial infections. In order to treat psoriasis, experts recommended using these minerals combined with natural topical ointments and lotions. The salt has also been widely used in skin care cosmetics, particularly for its effectiveness in softening and exfoliating the skin.

In addition, it has also been proven that dead sea salt can counter anti-inflammatory medications and alleviate muscle spasms that occur with arthritis. It has also been proven effective in lowering the swelling of the joints and relieving muscle pain associated with migraine. It may seem unbelievable, but it is true that these benefits are attributed to the effectiveness of the minerals in these products. So, if you are experiencing some symptoms associated with psoriasis such as extreme itchiness and dry skin, you can use this type of salt to relieve these symptoms and to prevent skin from further deterioration.

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