Buying Backlinks SEO – Pros & Cons

SEO companies that offer purchase backlinks SEO services believe strongly in the value of getting backlinks. “Forged links are an essential part of successful search engine optimization and without which your website will never reach its full potential. In fact, many of today’s top sites had to spend years building their webpages and pages only once before they became successful. They got that way through the effective use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization,” explains Brad Callen, Executive Vice-President of the Search Network Knowledge Marketing Association. “So it stands to reason that a link from a related site that was well done and maintained is worth something.”

If you have ever considered the idea of creating backlinks to your site and increasing your page ranking then Guest Posting may be right for you. Guest Posting is when you submit articles and other content to a particular blog or site with the understanding that the link you provide will be included as a Dofollow backlink. Many SEO experts recommend that you do not use the term “Guest Post” because it does not give your readers a hint that there is a connection between you and the owner of the blog or site and therefore is not a good way to establish connections.

So what exactly is a nofollow link? It is basically a link that says “this link is not to be used for any purpose except as a link”. In plain English this means that the website or blog owner will not receive any sort of traffic from this link. Now depending on the quality of the nofollow backlink it could increase your page rank for a brief period of time and then cease to have any effect on your site’s page rank. This can only happen if the nofollow links are placed on high page rank pages that have very low amount of click-through rate. In other words the nofollow links will have little or no effect.

So, if I have a very high page rank but I do not have a lot of guest posting opportunities why would I want to purchase backlinks? If I were to purchase backlinks I would essentially be wasting my SEO money on something that I’m not going to see any benefit from. Now, if I were to post a lot of guest articles on a certain website I might see an increase in my page ranking but again my SEO will not increase because the nofollow backlink is not high enough to help out my SEO efforts.

So, in the end when I say purchase backlinks I say that it will give you an edge over your competitors. But again like I stated before the nofollow backlink will still have the same affect on your site that it always has. Therefore, when I say purchase SEO backlinks I am saying that it is better to purchase them SEO wise and leave nofollow backlinks in your resource box so that you can potentially increase your page ranking and then have no effect on your SEO because the nofollow will still exist. This is the way I see it anyway. Therefore I would suggest that you stay away from purchasing SEO backlinks and save your hard earned cash for things that are more important to you.

In closing I will tell you that there are some benefits to purchasing backlinks, the first benefit being domain authority. By purchasing backlinks you are gaining a higher level of domain authority, this is important because higher level domain authorities are seen as the top authority on a page. What this means is that you will be seen as an expert in your field or at least someone who is recognized as an expert. The next benefit to purchasing backlinks is the increase of your website’s traffic sharing potential. Most people who have the nofollow attribute on their links will help their websites to gain more authority which will lead to better traffic and sharing.

Last but not least, if you purchase backlinks you will also increase your page ranking. This is another benefit because if you keep buying backlinks it will show your site or blog as being popular and therefore will increase your page ranking. In addition, when you purchase backlinks you are showing other webmasters that you are one of the best places to post content and gain exposure for your website. This is great because it means that anyone looking for information on your niche will find you and the information will be very valuable to them. Therefore anyone looking to advertise or promote on your website will be able to do so.

This was all on my opinion, so I advise you to conduct your own research before you purchase backlinks. In conclusion I would say that it is a good idea to purchase backlinks if you are trying to increase your search engine rankings. However, just make sure that you don’t get too many backlinks and you don’t purchase the backlinks from a spammer or a directory that has shady practices. Lastly always remember that you want to purchase the backlinks from a credible source and that you don’t want to purchase backlinks from someone who is a spammer. You want the backlinks to help improve your website and not hurt it.

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