Affiliate Marketing – Terms You Need to Know Before Signing Up With an Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Marketing – Terms You Need to Know Before Signing Up With an Affiliate Program

Free affiliate programs exist for people of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re thinking about getting involved with affiliate marketing it’s important to remember what you’re getting yourself into. Affiliate marketing programs are real, readily available, and provide passive, residual income to anybody willing to learn on the ins and outs of affiliate marketing while using some basic precautions to be in the game. Before diving in I have some things you should know first.

The first thing you should do before investing your time and energy in an affiliate program is to find one that has a solid reputation and track record of results. This may sound obvious, but in today’s day and age it can be easy to jump into a niche with high traffic volume only to find that it’s just a flooded field with low cost poor quality offers. You want to find a niche that has potential and is being promoted by well known reputable marketers who have a good grasp of their niche and who have worked the program for a while to build a following and a reputation.

Once you’ve found a couple that you think might be right for you there are a couple other things you should do. One of the most important aspects of any affiliate program is the joining terms. You’ll find these terms are different for each program so be sure and read all the information available. Usually the joining terms consist of the commission you will receive as a commission for each sale and the number of clicks through to your website. Another common term is the payout structure which can be fixed or flexible.

Typically, affiliate programs with payout terms of 5% to one percent have stiff competition so be careful in choosing. Some offer flexible payout terms that are not very common such as one cent per lead. Most kinsta affiliate programs offer a fixed rate with no flexibility such as a minimum and maximum payout. This usually means you’ll either make your sale or you won’t. Be sure you know what your earning potential is before committing to join an affiliate program.

Some of the best affiliates have affiliate programs where they provide excellent customer support and marketing support as well. It’s great if you’re able to get some help from your marketing partner when you run into problems. Support may come in the form of email, chat or phone. Make sure the support offered is sufficient to meet your needs before signing on the dotted line.

Some affiliates like to use social media sites as a way to promote their affiliate network. My suggestion would be to join at least two social media sites. Use the social media sites to share useful information about your product, talk about the niche your affiliate program is in and most importantly engage with your followers on a more personal level.

Other terms you should become familiar with are cookie lifetime, cookie expiration date, and cookie settings. A cookie lifetime is how long your account will remain live on the server. If you sign up for an affiliate program where you are required to complete a lengthy registration process, you will be billed monthly by your hosting provider. The cookie expires when your account is inactive for 30 days. This is indicated by a message appearing on your computer screen.

Finally, some affiliate programs require you to pay a recurring commission. These fees are often referred to as “pay per click” or “pay per lead” and are based on the value of your advertisement. Some marketers refer to these fees as a “pay per sale” or “pay per lead” instead. Whatever the terms, it’s good to know what the agreement is because it could spell trouble down the road for you.

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