Advantages of a Free Affiliate Program

free affiliate program

Advantages of a Free Affiliate Program

Sendable is an innovative social networking management tool providing unified message board, group management, content calendar, and recommendation tool, and powerful visual analytics. If your subscribers are businesses, advertisers, marketers, virtual assistants or just solopreneurs, this could be the perfect affiliate program to market and convert to sales. What’s more Sendable is also a free affiliate program.

Sendable allows you to easily send one email to many recipients for zero cost. The free version gives you unlimited email addresses while the premium version provides seven hundred and fifty email addresses. This allows you to build your list for long term relationship building. Sendable uses a smart algorithm to send your emails on your subscribers’ in-box, so you won’t ever miss a single one. Your subscribers can forward your messages to family and friends instantly.

Sendable is a free affiliate program with over forty-five thousand professionals worldwide. The professionals have sold more than one million products and made more than seventy thousand dollars online. You are not advertising for these professionals’ products but their own. They are happy to help you advertise your products for a minimal fee.

Sendable is free to join and free to use. When using Sendable, the only cost you will incur is that of having the right link. These are affiliate programs that pay their affiliates a percentage of each sale that comes from your website. In turn, they keep on providing you with keyword ads relevant to your niche.

Sendable’s free affiliate program has been tested by thousands of marketers like you and me. Thousands of free newsletters are sent to your subscribers every month, covering a full range of topics related to your niche. When you sign up, you will also get access to full video training courses and email course, which you can then distribute to your list in batches. You can be free to email any customer any time of day or night. This gives you flexibility to respond to every email your list receives in a timely fashion.

Another great thing about Sendable is that all correspondence between you and your subscribers is fully protected under HIPAA. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It was designed to protect personal information of individuals who send medical treatments or medical advice to potential customers. This includes a list owner’s name, address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, gender, and any other personal information that would allow an unscrupulous marketer to use your personal information to make sales. Because so many people communicate through email, this can be a major threat to many people who rely on open sources of information online.

A free affiliate program is great because there are no costs to maintain it. Most free programs pay their affiliates through some sort of payment mechanism, whether it is PayPal CPA, or other paid methods. For me, I prefer to pay for my memberships in CPA, but there are also thousands of marketers who prefer CPE (cost per sale). If you choose to go with PayPal as your payment method, just be sure to set it up properly. Make sure that your payment is direct and that it includes a link to your CPA page in your signature.

As you can see, using a free affiliate program is much easier than most paid methods. You can create an unlimited number of free newsletters, articles, videos, and other content for your subscribers to download at anytime, from anywhere. This gives you plenty of flexibility and power in how you build your business. Best of all, you can run a free affiliate program from anywhere with absolutely no start-up costs, other than a few dollars to join the free affiliate program.

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