A Brief Guide to Buying Proxy Servers

Online proxies have become very popular over the past few years because of two main reasons. One is for privacy and security, and the other is to hide your IP address. If you are thinking of using an online proxy for these two purposes, then there are a few things you should know before you buy proxies. Proxy usage varies greatly depending on the end-user and the purpose it serves. Proxy usage can also vary based on the country the user is from.


For privacy and security, there are two primary types of proxies – the HTTP and the anonymous proxies. A HTTP proxy simply acts as a bridge between a client computer and an online server or a network. For example, sites that require you to fill in your email and basic profile information through a form can make use of a proxy. These types of proxies help protect your IP address, because instead of directing your internet activity through servers, it gets directed through these intermediaries instead. So essentially, by using an HTTP proxy you are effectively making sure your information is protected from prying eyes.

However, not all requests are made through a secure channel. There are cases where people unknowingly send sensitive information through proxies which ends up being used for malicious purposes. For example, hackers could use these proxies to send phishing emails to their victims. This means that if you want to stay protected from hackers, you should use IP changing software which only comes with anonymous proxy servers. This way, no one can tell who sent you sensitive information.

In addition to the above, there are different types of residential proxies which are best suited for different purposes. These are especially useful for those who want to surf the web using their PCs while still being indoors. For example, most people would be familiar with the existence of wireless proxies. Such devices work by allowing people to surf the internet even while they remain inside their houses. However, these are best suited for home users who need to stay in their houses, but still need to access the internet.

Another popular type of proxy server is the URL filtering proxy. As the name implies, this kind of software has filters that block unwanted websites. Such a feature is often found on commercial proxies. However, it is also possible to install such a feature yourself. The advantage of such a system is that you can prevent hackers and other Internet predators from accessing your computer’s internet browser.

Aside from URL filtering, CGI proxies are another type of proxy which are used for different purposes. These are used, for instance, by those organizations that require their employees to use secured websites in order to prevent them from becoming infected with viruses. URL and CGI proxies are also used by many programmers to hide their IP address, while still allowing access to certain websites. For instance, anyone who has visited the news website he works for may have his IP address visible to the sites that he visits.

Some URL and CGI proxy servers do not allow anonymous connections. While this may seem inconvenient for those who want to surf anonymously, it can be useful for those who wish to surf securely and do so without exposing their IP addresses to strangers. These IP changing proxy servers often use their client computers as servers and pass on the IP address of the client to the server on the other side.

URL and CGI proxy servers are available for download from websites that offer such services. They can also be bought for a fixed price from certain software companies. It is important, however, to buy a package which includes other features like an anonymous proxy, which is useful for those who want to protect their anonymity while surfing the internet. In addition to buying such packages, one can also buy individual pieces of software which can be used to accomplish anonymous browsing.

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